Twitter tip jar?

John Becker

Revenue and Features Editor at IMPACT

According to reports, Twitter is testing a feature that allows users to send quick cash payments (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) to celebrate and reward great tweets and replies. 

I'm always interested in the ways we commodify the social media experience.

Is this a new version of upvoting, or is this a different beast all together? Will it change how people use the platform?  Liz Murphy Ramona Sukhraj
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Connor DeLaney
I'm not a big Twitter person and this one boggles my mind even more than the platform itself does... If I get the content for free, why would I tip you for it? Especially with the content limitations of the platform, I'd be looking to spend my money elsewhere in all honesty. 

On the other hand, I have been active on and off on platforms like Patreon where I support content creators I enjoy, however, those tend to be startups and projects I'm passionate about who also provide a ton of value back to me for what I give. 

Curious to hear what Twitter users have to say themselves!
Lex Russell
As someone who has used Twitter a lot (just personal use mostly) I like that they are adding this option. 

A lot of the large Twitter "creators" for lack of a better word regularly get their content stolen from BuzzFeed, Instagram pages, etc. I think this could potentially make it a more common practice for these types of media companies etc. to start paying people for their content (although, I feel that most won't). 

There are some creators on Twitter who sometimes ask for donations or money when they are down on their luck and this could also potentially make it easy to donate to them.

But, with all this said, I don't know what this would mean for companies/brands (nothing?).

Editing to add: I think this could become the new version of upvoting, similar to Reddit. I'd much rather send money to people for their content than spend my money on fake internet awards to send them.
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