Tracking TAYA Influenced Revenue with HubSpot's Campaign Analytics Tools

Posted November 19, 2020 in
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Jessica Palmeri

HubSpot All Day Every Day

Is anyone else wondering: How the heck can I show my team that our They Ask You Answer Content is driving revenue for my organization??

I get this question ALL of the time!

So here's a HubSpot strategy to help you show your team that TAYA is driving revenue at your organization:
Check out this video:

Here are some TAYA campaign naming structures that the IMPACT HubSquad recommends: 
  • Assignment Selling -- TAYA
  • Cost and Pricing -- TAYA
  • Comparisons -- TAYA
  • Problems -- TAYA
  • Best of  -- TAYA
  • Reviews -- TAYA

What do you think? Could this work for you and your team?
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Connor DeLaney
This is great  Jessica Palmeri !! I can't wait to share this with a couple of my clients who have asked about this. Thank you! 
Carina Duffy
Yes!! I wonder if any other TAYA veterans have other ways they've chosen to structure their campaigns that has worked for them??
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Jessica Palmeri
I know at IMPACT  Ramona Sukhraj   John Becker and  Liz Moorehead   use a specific campaign called "Internal Team Articles" to track articles written by our team.

If your organization encourages multiple team members to contribute content, wrapping up all of those analytics into one campaign is a GREAT way to show your employees the value of those contributions. 
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Stephanie Baiocchi
Oooh yes I love keeping things organized like this. I personally am a big fan of putting [TAYA] in brackets. Not sure why but it feels cleaner to me haha but yes, I love this!
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