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Are you onboarding your team to HubSpot?

Save yourself time and be at peace knowing that everyone on their respective teams has the same setup by using HubSpot's Presets and Notification Profiles.

These features in HubSpot are now live in Public Beta - you will need to opt into them. Here is how to opt into public betas:

1. Go to your account menu and in the drop down, select product updates. 2. In the left side menu, under Early Access, select Betas.
3. Find the correct beta you wish to enroll in and click Join Beta.

How will HubSpot presets and notification profiles save me time? 

Rather than setting up individual accounts for each team member, set up one preset for the entire team. Once you have the sales team preset completed, set up the marketing team presets. Once all the presets are set up, assign them when inviting everyone into HubSpot.  
HubSpot allows you may set up presets for:

  • Default Homepage (Companies, Dashboards, Contacts, Email etc.)
  • Default Dashboard
  • Language
  • Date and Number Format
  • Email Signature
  • Notifications

How will this give me peace of mind?

Everyone on each team will have the same set up, based on the preset you created. This ensures that everyone will be using HubSpot in the same way. One caveat: users can update and change their personal, permission based settings, at any time. In my experience, new HubSpot users want to get the basics down before customizing their experience and settings. You should be good for at least the first year.

Example use case: how I would use this HubSpot timesaving superpower for the sales team.
Default Homepage: Set to a personal dashboard, private to the respective BDR.
Default Dashboard: See above.
Email Signature: To ensure brand identity and consistency, I would create and upload into HubSpot the correct email signature.
Permissions: I would make sure each BDR could see and edit only the contacts they own or have been assigned to them.
Notifications: I would also ensure each BDR is notified when a contact they own revisits our website.

What presets would you use for your teams? Let me know in the comments.
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