Thoughts on job postings (and attracting all-star talent) in 2022 and beyond

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Zach Basner

Digital Sales and Marketing Coach at IMPACT | “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

Every organization needs great people and great leaders. Yet, nearly every company I talk to is experiencing some sort of challenge around hiring and recruiting right now.

“It’s really hard to find great people right now, Zach.”

Trust me, I feel you. Even we at IMPACT have experienced the pain of the “Great Resignation.” It’s not that great people aren’t out there, it’s just taking about 3 times as long to find them.

Fact is, though, it’s high time we all take a closer look at exactly HOW we go about attracting these people - starting with our communication on the front end. 

Of course I’m talking….job postings.

Three things we’ve noticed will make a radical difference in both the quality and amount of applicants you attract in your job posting:
  1. Put a salary range IN the job description. Just like your customers want to have a sense of cost/price before they buy from you, job candidates want an idea of what they are getting into pay-wise as well. Most people are afraid that if they put a range, the candidate will expect the highest amount. However, in most cases, applicants will actually propose coming in at the bottom of the range.

  2. Include an 80% video from the hiring manager in the description. Very similar to the 80% video strategy you will use for your customers, this will save you a lot of time and help applicants qualify (or disqualify) themselves much faster. Add in the fact that they now see, hear, and know the person they’ll be interviewing with and it’s easy to see why this quickly attracts more candidates.

  3. You need to be clear about their mission. Lists of responsibilities are not enough, they need to be able to picture themselves doing the work. Talk about why you’re hiring for this position, what success looks like, what problem they’re helping you solve, etc. Remember, people will work for a salary, but they'll devote themselves to a mission.

These are three things that will almost certainly make you stand out and increase your chances of filling those positions with all stars.

What next? If you’ve already mastered these things, the next step is going to be a great careers page and great messaging around your company mission. (Storybrand, anyone?)
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Dale Pease
I'd love to hear more about #2. Do you have any examples of what this would look like for a job posting? 
Zach Basner
Here's a couple, Dale. :-) (80% video on the homepage)
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Dale Pease
That tunnl data video is awesome! Thanks.
Dale Pease
I've created a script for an 80% video (based heavily on the tunnl one) for the content manager position we are going to be trying to fill. I'd love your feedback:
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Zach Basner
I really, really like it, Dale. My one addition would be to mention TAYA specifically. How excited would they be if they knew the strategy and direction is already so clear?
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Dale Pease
Good suggestion.
AJ Cheponis
ATS is well done, thanks for sharing. Professional, clear, and authentic.  

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