This is going to sound silly, but what keyboard are you using?

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Adam Stahl

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." —Confucius.

Good morning Content Community!

I've been noticing lately that my low-tier wireless keyboard has been letting me down lately.

It's been missing keystrokes, keys sticking (so if I'm backspacing I lose whole chunks of sentences 💀) , and other deal-breaking "features" especially when writing content.

I've done all I can from a software perspective so I think it's time for an upgrade.

So, what are you all using? Have you found that certain types of keyboards or certain features tend to work better than others?

Wired vs. wireless?
Standard keyboard vs. gaming keyboard?
Mechanical vs. optical switches?

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Nick Bennett
Whatever the most basic wireless Apple keyboard is, that's what I have lol. It gets the job done.

I know  Carina Duffy has a fancy one that is all clickety-clacks 
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Carina Duffy
LOL  Nick Bennett  thanks for the shoutout. I love my wired Logitech mechanical keyboard (and Corsair wired mouse), but I should let you know that I only have it because my workstation doubles as my husband's gaming/music producing station (so... it's really his keyboard) :D there is something to the feeling of a mechanical keyboard that I love, and having a nice ergonomic mouse is great too. (I do have a backup wireless Apple keyboard and mouse if I need to travel, but when I use them now I can feel my joints revolting)
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Connor DeLaney
+1  Nick Bennett  standard hunk-o-junk Apple wireless keyboard!
Blake Cormier
Since the Cherry MX mechanical switch patents expired, there have been a ton of mechanical keyboards flooding the market - though you can still find (and pay for) genuine Cherry switches if you want to. But now there are lots of options of wireless vs. wired, different switch types, and even keyboards with hot-swappable switches so you can mix and match types. Ultimately it's going to come down to how much you want to spend, and what features are important to you. Good news is you can experiment for a lot cheaper than it used to be -- plenty of decent KB's to be had for under $100 nowadays.
I picked up a Keychron K2 on Prime Day and I'm very happy with it so far. It has replica MX Brown switches, so it's tactile but not super loud. Plus it comes pre-configured with Mac shortcut keys, which is a big plus! It works well via Bluetooth or wired, though I leave it plugged in most of the time.
Before that I had a Unicomp Customizer, which is a replica of the IBM Model M -- now that thing was clicky and loud!
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Lex Russell
My fiance is a big keyboard nerd and tried to get me into fancy gaming keyboards, which I have a few of. But, my absolute favorite keyboard (and the one I use daily for work) is my Apple Magic Keyboard with the num pad. I type faster on the keyboard than any other one I have used (I tested it lol). I also love how flat it is, I think that's what makes it easier to type on (but may not be ergonomically great for some people). It's also SO quiet. All the keyboards my fiance recommended were loud and I felt like everyone at the office was staring at me haha.

The only downside is that we don't use apple for work so some of the keys are different than a normal keyboard - but I got used to it pretty quickly. I would say if you get one, definitely get the one with the num pad, it's worth it. And the keyboard is wireless and super light so I can take it with me if I ever need to. Also, I've had it for about 8 months and have only charged it maybe twice, highly recommend it. 

Another keyboard that's great if you switch between computers is the Logitech MX keys. I have the mouse version of it and it is sooo nice. You can easily switch between different computers and copy and paste things between the two. It was nice to have when I was working from home without a nice setup. I could use my pc work laptop and connect my personal apple laptop to the mouse as an extra screen.
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Adam Stahl
Thanks for the insights  Nick Bennett Carina Duffy Blake Cormier , and  Lex Russell ! A lot to chew on but being on a Windows machine and *likely* in the market for a gaming keyboard as well, I'll likely be leaning in that direction.

Had a large workspace change which also brought this up beyond the poor performance of the keyboard (went from a laptop with dock setup using work-issued monitors and such then needing to swap out monitors, k+m, etc. to use the same space for personal PC use) to now it's all my same, stationary equipment (though two desktops side-by-side but they share peripherals).

Don't want to throw any brands under the bus, and got what I paid for during a global supply chain shortage and pandemic, but the wireless keyboard and mouse setup I was using was just rough. Beyond what was mentioned above, it's also beginning to "bend" and has ample "give" in the middle. For example, typing "beginning" just now took a few attempts for it to capture all the keystrokes.

It did its job though at the time for the job I hired it to do: I needed a full-size, wireless keyboard and mouse that was portable, easily moved out of the way when done using, that was affordable and in stock 😅
Lex Russell
For my personal PC I use this gaming keyboard - 
HyperX - Alloy Core RGB Wired Gaming Membrane Keyboard with RGB Lighting - Black. I'm only a casual gamer so it's a cheaper one but I really like it and it isn't too loud like other ones I have used.

My fiance is a big gamer and a coder so he has nicer, more expensive ones that he loves - I can ask him what his are if you're interested in something a little nicer! I know his main gaming one is a Corsair.
Keven Ellison
Wired Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. I like my hands well spaced and have worn the letters off this one over the last 4 years. I guess I do a lot of pounding ;)
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Adam Stahl
I'm sure the update you've all been waiting for 😂:

I ended up with a Logitech G105 wired (gaming) keyboard and a Steel Series Sensei [Raw] wired mouse.

We're all very happy together now! lol

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