They Ask You Answer (The Hidden Message)

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They Ask You Answer Marcus made joke at a conference I had read the book 37 times thats probably not far off. 
I have purchased this book more than 5 different times. Its normally because I give a new small business owner my copy.

I will always keep a copy with me. The version in my bag right now is actually signed by Marcus on the day we published our 1000th flood education video in 1000 days.

Lets get to the hidden message of how this book can impact our team and employees.

One major reason someone leaves a job is they don't feel appreciated or that someone is not listening to us. This is one area we try to focus the They Ask You Answer strategy.

Just this morning i updated a form our team uses each day after reading the same email from the 10th different person.

They said I don't see the carrier on the proposal. Traditionally i don't like to list this. However i decided to list it so my team could stop responding to all these emails.

I am currently building out playbooks that answer the questions we get everyday from our team members. 

This gives our team a resource to go to on every question. This gives our team some additional support that we are listening to them.

Marcus says obsess over your customers questions but I also say obsess over your teams questions.
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Stephanie Baiocchi
Great job doing the things you know need to be done even if you don't want to, Chris! Like listing the carrier. I agree - obsess over all questions!
Marcus Sheridan
So freaking good brother. 

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