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Posted October 26, 2022 in
I want to take moment and shout out ☒: 

Yesterday, in video training with his videographer,  Jordan Sanders said that Brian challenged his team to make "gutsy content" or content that the others in their industry would be afraid to make. So what did that boil down to? 

  • Talking about Cost 
  • Talking about Problems in our industry 
  • Making Comparisons 
  • Best of 
  • Reviews
Sounds like the Big 5 to me :) 

What gutsy content is on your calendar to create this quarter? 
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Will Schultz
Great challenge to give any content creator, ☒ - well said.

Also, the first draft of your Bio Video looks great, you should be proud of what you and  Jordan Sanders  are doing with the camera!
Love  •  
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