The worst business book I've ever read.

Posted April 15, 2021 in
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Stephanie Baiocchi

Why have gender roles when you can have pizza rolls?

I recently finished reading Oren Klaff's book Flip the Script and it's been on my mind for days as I tried to separate the useful bits of strategy from the stories and examples that made my blood boil. (His other book, Pitch Anything, is still on my list...)

Which got me wondering a few things...
1. Have you read this book? Did you feel the same way? Is it just me?
2. What's the worst business book you've ever read and why? How about the best?

Also, anyone want to weigh in on a few other books I have on my list to read? I'm considering: 
  • Think Again (Adam Grant)
  • Game Thinking (Amy Jo Kim PhD)
  • Hooked (Nir Eyal)
  • A World Without Email (Cal Newport) 
  • Badass (Kathy Sierra)
  • Gameify (Biran Burke)
  • The Forever Transaction (this one was just delivered to my doorstep today!)
  • The Motive (Patrick Lencioni)
  • Tools and Weapons (Brad Smith) 
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Keven Ellison
Best - They Ask You Answer... Duh!
Worst - Lobster on a Cheese Plate (Mark Harari)
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Stephanie Baiocchi
HA I've never heard of Lobster on a Cheese Plate but after a quick Google search and your comment...I think I can safely pass on reading it! 

Just Work (Kim Scott's new book) is my current favorite. Though I think Think Do Say by Ron Tite is one of my all-time favorites. And of course They Ask You Answer 
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