The quickest learners win

Posted November 29, 2022 in

Anj Bourgeois

Content Marketing Trainer for TAYA Clients

Learning slowly will kill your goals.

Especially as a content manager or videographer.

When a CM or videographer onboards, there's a big learning curve.

They need to learn:
  • PEP intros
  • 4R conclusions
  • Standalone headers
  • How to prioritize content
  • How to find search intent
  • And so much more...
Quick learners develop high skill in short time.

Slow learners develop low skill in high time.

The main difference?

The TIGHTNESS of the feedback loops. 

How do you tighten your feedback loops? 
1. Setting goals
2. Failure
3. Learning principles
4. Improving
5. Setting new goals

So tighten your feedback loops to get off to a strong start! 

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Becca Manganello
Failure is key to learning - Failure allows us to innovate -> Innovation is critical to learning. Learning what went wrong helps us implement new strategies or ideas or improve up the old ones 🙌🏻 And the loop continues 🎉

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