The power of trust in action. (44sec)

Posted March 27, 2023 in

Jake Jordan

I help leaders draw straight lines to success. #TAYACoach

One of the great joys of putting your customer's questions in the middle of your thought process is hearing feedback like this.

"What you are doing is amazing. You are the source we come to when we need to train our new reps."

That's the feedback one of our clients Dolphin Solutions Ltd just got from one of their biggest clients this week!

They have created such a robust set of articles to help understand how to buy and pick out commercial washrooms, that one of their largest partners uses the content to teach THEIR team!

Congrats to @duncan ford and the whole team for making such great progress!
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Becca Manganello
HECK YEAH! This is awesome! Thank you for sharing Jake! Trust is a POWERFUL thing 💯

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