The growing importance of talking about compensation & attracting Gen Z

Posted January 19, 2023 in
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The cover story in a recent issue of Buffalo Business First was "Buffalo's Real Gen Z Problem". 

Inside there are a series of articles discussing the wants of Gen Z and the challenges of recruiting and retaining them. 

One important point is that surveys show pay is their prime motivator -- by 20 percentage points over the next important factor. 

And this generation is smart enough to understand that compensation is more than just money in their paychecks (although it's always the most important element). 

Other benefits are important to them (especially mental health support), but they're most concerned about balance. They're driven to work to live not live to work so they'll leave a company who's espoused values don't translate into action.

I have a subscription to the Buffalo edition of Business First. Business First is a business-centric newspaper that comes out once a week in major metro areas. 

If you're interested in finding the one for your city or metro area try googling the city + "business journal" and you should find something. 

I live just north of Niagara Falls and 30 minutes north of Buffalo.

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