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Hi. I wasn't sure where to post this and share the link because it touches on so many things.

I was working on a white paper about the buying journey to make a case for what I call pre-selling. (This is why I'm so in love with fits perfectly with my approach)

I was doing some research looking for things to back up some of my claims and came across this article by Gartner (a big consulting company).

They study trends of course and in this article from September 2020, they make the argument that because we've all embraced the internet, traditional sales models are going to be completely upended.

They predict "that by 2025, 80% of sales interactions will occur in digital channels."

There's an image in this article that I've seen in other Gartner articles that illustrates that (in 2017!) 45% of buyer activities are spent "researching" both online and off.

I'm guessing that percentage HAS to have grown by now.

Key takeaways for me include...
Is HR/OD aware of this and are they supporting the skill growth of their organizations -- tech training, social media as a sales channel, working to address compensation strategy changes as marketing's role rises and traditional sales evolves into more of a solution advisor role...

Gartner's forecast should help us make our own cases for a digital first, content-based marketing and sales strategy.

User Experience will only become more important and websites need to be developed in alignment with a focus on pre-selling and TAYA...AND aligned with a philosophy of providing solutions, not selling.

Here's the article:  Why B2B Sales Needs a Digital-First Approach (

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