The Doer Chair.

Posted December 21, 2022 in

Jake Jordan

I help leaders draw straight lines to success. #TAYACoach

It's where a lot of leaders start.

They sell the service, they make the coffee, they build the product. And there is nothing wrong with that at all!

But if you want to get more profitable, you have to GET OUT of the doer chair quickly.

Whether you are making 500K or 5MM, there is probably something you need to hire for or delegate today. Check out a couple of other concepts too that will stop you from breaking free of the "Struggle Zone" as Tom McCarthy puts it in his article.

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Terrence Robinson Brown
Thanks for sharing this post Jake.  I think the fear of letting go (No one can "do it like me") stunts the growth of a lot of businesses.  I wonder what the numbers are of leaders who don't think someone else would be good in the driver's seat vs leaders who don't want the extra expense.
No matter the answer, the fear of letting go will make it hard to scale but I'm interested to know what those numbers are.
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