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We have taken some production equipment and lights and set it up in the office to record our learning center content. I threw together a test video so we could look at how it looks and feels and sounds. Any feedback you guys have would be awesome!


Thank you!
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Connor DeLaney
Heck ya,  Phil Switzer ! Video quality looks AWESOME. Definitely take advantage of that pop-in, pop-out style with that second wide-shot camera. I know Alex Winter does that a lot for our team and it creates a really engaging experience. 

The sound quality was a little echoey to me, do you have some sound absorbers for the walls, perhaps? 

Megan Lang , Sami Ahmad , Lindsey Schmidt , what else did y'all notice and who else should we tag into the convo?  
Megan Lang
This looks great! Love the colorful background! I think you're right about the lav mic being the answer unless there's a way to sneak that rhode mic closer but I assume it's a camera mounted one. You already have a great, knowledgable vibe so I'm excited to see it when you really get going!
Phil Switzer
Thanks  Connor DeLaney ! We don't have any sound absorbing materials yet. Going to work on that soon. Trying to decide if I should switch to lav mic or continue with the Rode shotgun mic. No script and very nervous in front of a camera. Looking forward to learning how to chill out and just be relaxed and myself.
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Sami Ahmad
Thanks for the tag   Connor DeLaney  

Phil Switzer , nice setup. The A camera video quality looks great. I would opt for using a shotgun mic a plugged into an external recorder, I'd also place the shotgun on an adjustable arm. The audio will sound more natural. You can position it closer and above your mouth as well so you can avoid picking up any echoes. If you can’t make the jump to a recorder just yet, stick with a lav.

The contrast ratio on your face is nice and the orange background light is a nice accent, I would suggest repositioning the edge light so it hits the back of your head so you don’t get absorbed in the the background.

Also, the exposure on your face seems technically correct, but a note I always get for commercial video(including my current role) is that folks want the image to be brighter. I would make sure there’s a more significant luminance difference on your body vs background.

For your a camera, I would also try to show the lamp and plant for a small touch of production design.

If you have a standing desk, you should raise it and film your videos standing up. It’ll help a lot with performance.

You have similar color theme to this channel I am a fan of, check them out for inspiration: www.youtube.com 

He recently moved to a new setup, but initially just had a purple wall in the background with a subtle orange accent, just like you. You might’ve seen his work already.

Best of luck with the rest of your videos!


Phil Switzer
Thanks  Sami Ahmad  Do you mean take the desk in the background and raise it (it is a standing desk) and then stand in front or use the desk in front of me in the shot? 

Not sure where to put the plant and lamp but the lamp is providing that orange glow on the back wall so if I move it too far away it just disappears. Lots of excuses here but trying to make do with what I have instead of buying stuff.
Sami Ahmad
Hey  Phil Switzer  , I meant raise the desk and stand in front of it. I think you should keep the lamp, but just in a more prominent spot so we can see it in the main shot. Hope that clears up any confusion!
Phil Switzer
Sami Ahmad I see. Why do you think the desk in front of me is important? What would I put on the desk? Right now there is a monitor and we are planning with our videos to have full screens or side screens that we cut to for graphics and have that in the back of the shot as well on the screen. What do you think about this setup instead? Screen is off so that throws some of the setup off.
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Sami Ahmad
I think this looks good. Also I meant you stand in front of your desk as you are now, sorry if it came across as the opposite. This angle is interesting and it leaves space for text to pop up on the left, but I imagined that you would stay centered. If it's between showing the lamp, the plant versus you being centered in frame I would pick being centered in the frame.
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