TERRIFIED by Cost & Price?

Posted March 30, 2023 in
You are likely not alone.

THIS is the single most uncomfortable Big Five conversation that I have with my clients. 

Even after we talk about all the ways we can talk about cost and price without assigning specific dollars and cents...it evokes a feeling of mild terror.
Once you hit "publish"...there's a collective holding of breath to see if anyone actually loses their minds.

They don't.

They're actually relieved. It's...out there.

FINALLY, someone is answering the question that is a normal part of the consideration process for every single consumable good or service on the planet. 

"What does X cost?"

If I search that and, at the very least, uncover a broad range of an expected spend WITH some guardrails detailing how that price can go up and how it can go down....I will be delighted that someone was actually paying attention.

Answering the questions that are always...always asked by someone who wants to BUY. 
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