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How often does your team meet? 

We have a LOT of meetings at our office. At first, I felt like I was overwhelming everyone, including myself, with meetings. But then I realized that they all serve a purpose, and help strengthen our collaboration and communication. Here's what we do:

* Daily huddle - approx. 10 min. Right now we do these over the phone M, W, F but pre-COVID we did them standing up daily. I can't wait to do that again.

* Weekly - each department meets weekly to discuss sales, renewals, processes and whatever else in on their mind as things we need to tackle

* Bi-Weekly - all Team meets to go over personal/professional development, learn/discuss new trends/topics, and share how we can grow as a team.

* Bi-Monthly - 1:1s with each member of team to focus on performance, values and growth

I'm considering adding a quarterly meeting for the leadership team as well. 

So I'd love to hear what works in your company!
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Connor DeLaney
Kaitlyn Pintarich love this question. Remind me... have you read Scaling Up and/or Traction? I'm guessing this model is based on one or both of those methodologies. 

Lemme think of a few people who I know can relate to this!

Brie Rangel or  Kaitlyn Petro , you both probably have the best gauge on IMPACT's meeting rhythms if you wanted to share a little bit about 1. how we came to structure ourselves this way, and 2. how we compare to what Kaitlyn and her team have put in place. 

Keven Ellison  what's your meeting rhythm for your team? 
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Brie Rangel
Apologies for being way late to this convo! Our meeting rhythm is similar to yours. We don't do the bi-weekly personal/professional development, so that's interesting. One thing we are going to roll out in Q2 is a full day of immersive training by department, with the option of teams within it having breakouts for more tailored learning content. We also currently do quarterly planning with our management team and annual with our leadership team as a set meeting standard.
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Kaitlyn Pintarich
Connor DeLaney  I have read scaling up, but honestly, we were doing this cadence before reading it. Also, just finished the Advantage, and it mentions the same thing, which prompted my question. That book talks about having meetings for only one topic, which I feel like is a great but then I'd have double the meetings! :-)
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Connor DeLaney
Interesting! The Advantage is on my March reading list, so excited to dive in and see what it has to say. 
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