TAYA Visual Strategy for Graphic Design/Marketing

Posted January 6, 2023 in
Does anyone have suggested training videos to help the marketing team, specifically the graphic design team, to understand the visual strategy behind They Ask, You Answer? Looking to support the blog and video content with graphics and visuals that best match the marketing strategy.
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Allison Riggs
The biggest thing with graphics is connecting to the reader and the content you've provided. Here are some questions your team should consider when creating graphics:

  • What value are you bringing with the visuals? 
  • If someone were to scroll through and only look at the images, charts, etc. you include - what would they learn? 
  • What do we want to stick with them? 
  • Are the graphics optimized for desktop and mobile? How will these graphics impact load time? 

The content manager and videographer should be working directly with the graphics team to conceptualize what they need to reinforce their message. Also, the CM should write the alt text for any graphics you add to blogs

This might be more tactical advice, but really important things to consider. 
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