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Posted September 17, 2021 in
I just wanted to highlight an article Marcus wrote for franchises. (I may be a little late. I've been on the road preaching TAYA to our franchise owners.... oh, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.)

The digital marketing plan to franchise your business: They Ask, You Answer

This is a great introduction to TAYA for franchises, and I'm excited to share it with the team here. Thanks Marcus Sheridan for this fabulous tool. I'm slowly but surely winning the leadership over, and this may just be what I needed to get them to pull the trigger (meaning... spend some money on a content manager.)

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Marcus Sheridan
Good work Dale, keep it up bud, and appreciate the kind words!
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Dale Pease
This was the highlight of the whole article for me:
There are now 14 River Pools locations in nine states. The franchise in Salt Lake City installed 80 pools last year — in just their second year in business.

I know that number won’t mean much to people outside of the industry, so let me put it in context: For the original River Pools in Virginia, it took us 10 years to get that big.
Every single franchise owner I've talked with has told me about the struggle they've had to get to profitability. EVERY ONE. Some taking 10-15 years to get there! We need to do better. (Can you tell I'm fired up?)
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Connor DeLaney
Great share  Dale Pease ! It's a fantastic piece, especially in how it shows again how while everyone says "well we're different!", it's really not the case. Definitely bring back learnings and feedback from your team! Let's get that content manager in!
Bob Ruffolo
Hearing this makes me so happy! You've been working so hard for that company and it's so great to see the progress!
Jolie Higazi
Keep it up,  Dale Pease ! Slowly but surely!

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