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Jennifer Goode

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Do you love the way your Cost article reads for your business? Would you mind sharing? 
Looking for some great examples to inspire our article as we finish ours off.
Thanks in advance!
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Connor DeLaney
Thanks  Adam Stahl !

John Becker Lex Russell Kate Vinnedge Blake Cormier  do you have some cost article examples you've written or your company uses?
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Blake Cormier
Sure thing! Love talking about pricing... we've received many comments about our pricing page and how uncommon that is in our industry: www.encomputers.com

This was one of the first TAYA articles I ever wrote. It was designed to be a comparison between a DIY or "status quo" approach to IT vs. hiring us: www.encomputers.com

This one was written in response to some prospects questioning the price or trying to "talk us down" by removing certain features of the managed services package. It explains exactly what you're paying for when you buy managed services from us: www.encomputers.com

And this one is specific to our VoIP phone service -- it currently has the Featured Snippet spot on Google for several "VoIP pricing" queries: www.encomputers.com

I also try to include a ballpark cost in other types of articles. For example: www.encomputers.com
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Connor DeLaney
Great stuff, thanks  Blake Cormier !

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