TAYA & Brushing Your Teeth

Posted March 24, 2023 in
Once you have begun your They Ask, You Answer journey you can get distracted with shiny objects and new fangled initiatives. Those First 90 Days can, and likely will, be challenging. You're setting up new habits, adopting new practices and looking at your business (and your customers) through an entirely new lens.

It's hard. It takes work, effort and a shift in mindset.

It is believed by many that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to make it part of your lifestyle. After you complete the First 90 Days, the habit could be as much a part of your daily business lifestyle as brushing your teeth.

In fact, every new 90 Day Cycle is likely asking something new of you and your team; creating entirely new habits from scratch again...building on the ones you've just completed. That, too, will require effort. Old habits may come knocking on your door, "Hey, remember me?"

Don't answer.

Stay the course. 

Keep brushing your teeth.

Rinse and repeat.

At 90 days, nine months, or 19 months....TAYA will always be a habit worth repeating. 
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Becca Manganello
Kristie, when I read the subject line I was like hmmm... Where is she going with this... I HAVE to read this haha.. and ... BAM! That makes complete sense! GREAT perspective! 👏🏻
Kristie Crenshaw
Becca Manganello  Good oral hygiene - the gateway to TAYA adoption

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