Summer is over and it's GO time!

Posted September 2, 2021 in
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Mark Baratto

Do today what others won't, so tomorrow you can do what others can't.

I know this wasn't a "typical summer" but I'm curious to see how many leaders we have in here that took some time off this summer. 

Now that September has just started, I want to know who is geared up to take their business to that next level!

Is that you? 

If it is, I'd love to hear why.'s time to brag, so go all out in the comments!
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Wow, i didn't get much time off. I am certainly geared for next level and want my business to succeed.
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Nick Burrage
Well keeping it right on topic: We're the Uk's first 'They Ask, You Answer' Certified Coach so I'm pretty excited about rolling that out this autumn !
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