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Hi All,

Would love to hear where you all save/store your sales scripts, email templates, etc. for ease of editing and access by the team? We've tried DropBox and Egnyte, as well as Google Drive. 

Do you just put all your scripts/templates into one doc, or have each in its own and link to a master list somewhere?

Trying to get organized here! Thanks!!
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Greg DeVore
Kaitlyn Pintarich you could also look at TextExpander. I don't use that with my team, but I use it personally and it is super helpful.

I set up a prefix for assignment selling resources.

For example, I will type wl-dv and it will expand into this:

ScreenSteps Introductory Videos

wl stands for web link. I use that prefix for all of the articles/videos that I might include in an email.

If I want an email template I can insert placeholders, variables, etc. Best part is that it will work across all applications.

They have an iOS keyboard as well - but it is a bit clunky.
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Kaitlyn Pintarich
Thanks Greg! I'll check that out!

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