Storage of Sales Scripts

Hi All,

Would love to hear where you all save/store your sales scripts, email templates, etc. for ease of editing and access by the team? We've tried DropBox and Egnyte, as well as Google Drive. 

Do you just put all your scripts/templates into one doc, or have each in its own and link to a master list somewhere?

Trying to get organized here! Thanks!!
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Connor DeLaney
Katy Hoagland Andy Bailey Craig Daniels would love to hear how y'all manage this! 

Kaitlyn Pintarich  is the solution you're looking for around making them easy to find or making them easy to use? While they can kind of go hand in hand, storing them vs using them can lead to different solutions. 
Kaitlyn Pintarich
Great question! I want them to be easy to access first and foremost. I've been trying to have the team share emails that they've used in different situations, so we can create templates that also build in content or assignment selling. But getting the team to know where to find them so they can easily copy/paste is another problem. 
Connor DeLaney
Gotcha that makes sense. Has your team explored Sales templates in HubSpot/built them for your team to use? I (finally) got a seat to use them and they save a ton of time and effort :) and are always available!

I think Paperflite could be somewhat useful here as well, especially for assignment selling, but I don't have first hand experience with it. David Little would you agree?

Melissa Prickett or  Adam Kerrigan how about you folks? Do you have a system you use for this? 
Kaitlyn Pintarich
Thanks  Connor DeLaney  we do use templates in Husbpot, but mostly thats Chris and I. The service team doesn't use Hubspot to send emails. We use Outlook and have the tracking integration installed. But Outlook templates are a bear in my opinion. So I was hoping for a simple copy/paste, searchable solution.
Greg DeVore
Kaitlyn Pintarich you could also look at TextExpander. I don't use that with my team, but I use it personally and it is super helpful.

I set up a prefix for assignment selling resources.

For example, I will type wl-dv and it will expand into this:

ScreenSteps Introductory Videos

wl stands for web link. I use that prefix for all of the articles/videos that I might include in an email.

If I want an email template I can insert placeholders, variables, etc. Best part is that it will work across all applications.

They have an iOS keyboard as well - but it is a bit clunky.
Adam Kerrigan
Kaitlyn, I keep them all in one document, but group VMs, emails, call scripts, etc. in separate groups.  Then I quickly scroll to the location in the doc depending upon what I need, rather than flipping between docs.  As I've done this, my speed has increased because I'm familiar with my doc and it's layout.  Good luck!

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