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Posted November 28, 2022 in
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Mandy York

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I write here a lot about the fundamentals- using LUTs, hijacking Canva- just general stuff that we often forget about as we start talking about the strategy behind TAYA videography and creating content that moves people to action. One issue that plagues me as a videographer is shot composition. I get in the ZONE when I’m filming and will leave shoots over the moon- and then sit down to edit later and find myself cropping and altering way too much in post for it to be efficient. So here’s a handy checklist for you to keep in mind when heading to your next shoot!

  1. Buffer space- shoot wider than you plan to need in post so your SME always has enough headroom and so you aren’t cutting off body parts in the final frame. 
  2. Background noise- remove anything that doesn’t have to be there- a cluttered image takes away from your SME.
  3. Antlers- is anything in the frame (like a tree or wall mural) making it so that your SME now has stuff seemingly popping out of their head or body?
  4. Lighting- Is the lighting even across the frame, with minimal color cast from surrounding walls or furniture?
  5. SME Direction- Are they facing a direction that makes sense? Either straight on or 15 degrees off is ideal for most situations.
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Cristal Drummond
This is great information  Mandy York . Simple enough to understand even for a beginner.
Becca Manganello
This is a great reminder for when shooting! Antlers was a new one I haven't heard that term for anything being in the frame. NEAT! Thank you for sharing Mandy 💖💖💖

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