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Posted July 21, 2020 in
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Jessica Palmeri

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Hello HubSpot friends! 

Who doesn't love a good complicated workflow? Let's use this space to share our best workflow examples -- from lead nurture drips to round-robin deal assignments -- Show me what you got! 
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Jessica Palmeri
Here's one of my favorites from the IMPACT Portal. Carina Duffy   helped to create this masterpiece to manage our INBOUND 2019 follow-up.

Enrollment Triggers: 
  • At least one associated Activity has "Call and meeting type = INBOUND Follow-up"

If/Then Branching Logic:
  • Dictated by which sales team member that activity was assigned to

Final Action:
  • The contact owner was assigned to the appropriate sales team member 
  • A deal was automatically created (with appropriate naming structure) and assigned to the right sales team member 

NOTE: We created this one back in Q3 2019, so we had to use the old if/then branching structure, so this thing is a bit of beast!

Jessica Palmeri
Do any of my HubSpot VPGers have any cool workflows to share?  David Roberge   Adam Stahl   Cory Porteous   Lexie Ward   Joe Bachir  
Adam Stahl
Good morning all,

Regrettably, I don't have any complex or cool workflows to share.

If my workflows were a spice, they'd be flour.
Jessica Palmeri
Adam Stahl your workflows may not be spicy, but your jokes certainly are :) 
Jessica Palmeri
Stephanie Baiocchi  didn't you say you had a cool one to share here?