SEO wants longer content, your sales team wants shorter content — How can you please both?

Posted August 26, 2021 in
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John Becker

Revenue and Features Editor at IMPACT

For content managers, how do you balance the thoroughness that Google likes to see with the scanability and brevity your sales team might want for assignment selling pieces? Can the same piece serve both ends?

I have my ideas, but I'd be interested in hearing yours!
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Mark Baratto
I agree with a lot of the comments already here. I think when you show your sales team that they will close more sales in a faster time, AND be able to eliminate unqualified sales calls because of content, they will be on board.

Something you/they may want to watch is Liz's free course on "The revenue team approach to sales enablement content."  Her course goes through some important points like:

  • What sales enablement content is (and isn't)
  • What a revenue team is and how the revenue team model is the key to your success
  • How to run powerful content brainstorms with your sales team
  • How to leverage Liz's custom-built revenue content brainstorm tool
  • How to report on the ROI of your content, so no one ever questions your value

If you haven't already, give this one a listen since there may be some nuggets in it to talk through with your team! 
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