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We are a piano lesson studio. And we have a quiz on our site as the main call to action. They take this quiz to see if they are ready for lessons. We email them their results and show them their results on the next screen.

With this email we nurture them and send them email spread out over the next month. 

On the thank you page we offer them a free intro lesson. 

My question is should I have this quiz be gated at the end and allow them to go through to the thank you page without  providing their email. 

Or is is smart to ask for their email so we can follow up?

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Connor DeLaney
Demitris Maddox it sounds like there's a serious value add to have their report sent to them along with everything that comes with it in the nurturing flow. I'd personally suggest that it remain ungated to take the quiz but at the end, you leave the option to have their results emailed to them. 

I've seen this work wonders with Pillar pages in the same idea where they can access everything, but if they want it in their inbox they'll put their email in without hesitation. Plus, in your language before that thank you page, you can make it a very personalized experience in saying "Get your results and actionable next steps based on where you are at with just your email!" Not perfect, but that idea makes them feel special and supported :) 

Emily Mermell Mary Brown Kevin Phillips Brian Casey Larry Kagan , agreed? Would love to hear your thoughts here too!
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Demitris Maddox
So how it’s set up now they take the quiz> Enter email address> on the next screen they are told they are ready for lessons> then redirected to the free intro lesson. 

So you are saying have the email address be optional?
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Connor DeLaney
Based on what you shared here and what Nick Bennett and Tom DiScipio mentioned below, I would say certainly keep it gated and get that email address. I LOVED what Nick mentioned about having an alternative offer if they aren't ready for the free lesson to still gain that email and drive interest and trust with your website visitors. 
Demitris Maddox
If I do keep it gated then I would have their email address already before they got to the free lesson thank you page. So I would may not need to offer a secondary cta along side the free lesson. 

If I were to offer it it would be an h gated pdf that I have called “How to choose a piano teacher in 2021”

My main concern is that if I offer that PDF next to the main call to action that I will be taking away attention from the main call to action. 

What I’m thinking of doing is on the email opt in step on the form I will tell them that along with the results I will send them a copy of the PDF “how to choose a piano teacher in 2021” to sort of sweeten the pot and entice the email opt in. Thought?
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Nick Bennett
I am suggesting that when your tool calculates the results and it deems someone "not ready" for lessons, to present an alternative offer that gets them ready. Not placing it next to the free lesson as a competing offer.

It sounds like you are offering everyone a free lesson no matter the outcome?
Connor DeLaney
Hmmm I'd be intrigued by that. If possible, I'd love to see the flow for myself on your website like  Tom DiScipio  had requested, that way I can visualize what you mean. Would you be able to share a link to your website so we can give it a try?

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