Larry Kagan

Reviews & Ratings Online - Where Do I Begin?

If I wanted to write an article, "Who Are the Best Payroll Companies on Long Island? (Reviews/Ratings)," where should I start to collect reviews and ratings for my own company to establish credibility for this article? Where do I begin the journey of establishing reviews and ratings online for my company?
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Brian Casey
Larry Kagan - the one big thing that we always recommend when writing an article like that is to not include yourself on the list. By putting yourself on the list - the reader is going to say 'huh, they wrote this article just so they could put themself on a best payroll companies list"?

So with that in mind, certainly start collecting review like Kevin Phillips recommended. But you don't need that information about yourself to write this article.

Here is a great example from Sydnee Andress Nicole Shoppach and Jon Hayward over at California Pools:

They used this type of information to show a true glimpse into the things buyers would be interested and they didn't have to put themselves on the list!

  • 2019 Pool Permits Pulled: 
  • BBB Accredited: 
  • BBB Rating: 
  • Hardscape & Landscape License: 
  • Google Star Rating out of 5: 
  • Yelp Star Rating out of 5: 
  • Specializes in Custom Design:
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Kevin Phillips
Larry, normally I'd say start with reading through the reviews you have on your Google My Business listing. However, I looked up your NY listing and there weren't any reviews. I looked up your FL listing and I didn't find a GMB page for it.
I didn't find any on BBB either.
I did find 11 reviews on Glassdoor, but they were all former employees.

Honestly, your first step should be to start collecting reviews. If you log into Google My Business, right there on the homepage, there's a link to add reviews of your business.
Ask clients to leave you a review. Over 70% of people will leave a review if you ask them. If you hear a client praising you and your team, that's a perfect time to ask them to leave a review. Send them that link and let them know just how important their review is to you.
I'd also recommend taking Connor's course on Managing Your Reputation and Reviews

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Connor DeLaney
This is a great article we wrote awhile back for writing great product review articles:

Kevin Phillips / Brian Casey  what other recommendations would you have for this topic? 

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