Revenue Teams - Anyone else tackling this model?

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Thanks to Liz Murphy for a great article about Revenue Teams

I'm wondering if anyone else is embracing this model in your organization? 

As our first and only marketing employee, I already "live" in the sales department. I participate in all of our weekly sales meetings and activities, and my goals are directly tied to sales goals. 

I've been adamant that while we need more marketing manpower, we should not create a separate marketing department. Instead, I'd like to see our current Sales Team Plus One Marketer grow into a Revenue Team with a more balanced representation of both sales and marketing professionals. 

I've already adopted a lot of the reporting tactics Liz mentioned in the article, like weekly updates of content published and in the pipeline (I include examples of how to use them in the sales process, as well as a description of the type of person/sale/objection/etc. to which they apply). 

I'm struggling with getting the sales reps to embrace assignment selling in practice. They all say the content we produce is useful to their clients/prospects, but they're pretty much relying on our email marketing efforts to get content in front of clients and prospects. 

I get it, our sales reps have developed their individual sales styles for years, and they work. So there is resistance to adding a new element to the process. I like Liz's suggestion of meeting with each one of them once/quarter. I work with them all regularly, but don't spend much (any) one-on-one time talking about how they are individually using (or not using) content in the sales process. Aside from giving them a goal for the number of pieces of content shared each week or month, does anyone have any other creative suggestions for holding sales reps accountable to the assignment selling process? 

Also - Is anyone else bridging the gap between sales and marketing by building a Revenue Team? How's it going? 
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Bri Stauffer
Stephanie Hurd As I was reading this, I practically felt like I was the one who wrote it!! I am very much on the same page as you as the "sales team plus one" and trying to build towards a Revenue Team.

I've been sending a weekly update every Monday to the team with all content published and a blurb about each piece. In that update I include a video where I either explain something a bit more in-depth or talk about the collaboration of different team members that helped make the piece come to fruition.

I think it's important that we as marketers try to point to others in the Revenue Team who are actively helping produce content or share their expertise to get content created. I'm trying to focus on working with just one or two people and get a good rhythm down to show how it can work well. Trying to not get caught in the trap of thinking everyone needs to be on the same level right away.

Other than that, I don't have much advice to share at this point since it seems we're at about the same stage 😵
Stephanie Hurd
Hello, fellow "Plus One" to the Sales Team! I'm glad to hear someone else is in the same boat. On one hand, I know how fortunate we are not to have to fight the sales vs. marketing battle in our separate silos. On the other hand, building a digital marketing program from the ground up, while simultaneously chiseling out a place for marketing on an already established sales team is a totally different challenge. My approach to sharing content is similar to yours. We have regular Monday morning meetings so I do exactly what you do in your video, except in a face-to-face meeting. We use OneNote for all of our meeting agendas so I go there and include the links to the content with keywords about the type of buyer/person the content would resonate best with and/or the specific product or service the content supports. That way they can use the search bar in OneNote to search for a piece of content that fits their need at any time (in lieu of a HubSpot subscription tier that offers the "knowledge center" feature, this OneNote method seems to be the easiest way of cataloging content for sales). The problem is - they're not actually doing it. I'm definitely leading the horse to water here, but it's not drinking! 
Bri Stauffer
In my experience, I think sometimes it's a bit of old habits mixed with being unsure of what the "right" piece of content is to share.

I think the key is to work with just a few of your salespeople to really hone in on how they could envision using your OneNote resource. Ask them a couple of questions and just listen in:
  • How do you envision using this resource as part of your daily sales work?
  • Are there any challenges with how it's set up currently?
  • Which pieces do you find yourself grabbing on a daily basis?

We use a google spreadsheet with different tabs and sections that the team can scan and grab relevant content from. The jury is still out on how helpful it is. I plan on asking questions like the ones I shared above to listen and learn how I can better help the team access the most relevant content to their conversations.
Chris Marr
Hey Stephanie Hurd   - I want to help here, and sorry for the delay. Here's a riff from me on some of the items you have mentioned. Happy to keep this conversation going. So once you get time to watch this video, let me know what's front of mind for you in the thread below. Also, Bri Stauffer , I'm sure you will have some comments on this...
Chris Marr
PS. Almost all the clients I'm working with are at various stages of implementation with the revenue team model...including us here at IMPACT. 
Chris Marr
If we could get all the sales reps to complete this course :
Jim Schultz
Chris Marr we will have all the sales reps at AES complete as part of their individual job scorecard under the AES core value of Always Be Learning.  A completion target of Q1 2021 (March) for the current 8 sales reps.  Keeping plugging away  Stephanie Hurd  and hopefully your leadership team buys in!

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