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Posted September 14, 2020 in
Hello IM+ community!

I feel like in March and April, there was a huge push around self-education. For those who lost their jobs, it was a way of upskilling themselves to find their next job. For those who were fortunate enough to still have a job, it was a way of becoming more valuable and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Now that things have returned to some alternate universe semblance of normal, more time is being spent on work tasks (with less time to focus on self-education.)

Content creators and event organizers since February/March responded in a big way.

But that leaves someone like me with a huge amount of resources and not knowing which ones are truly worth spending what little free time I have on. I always look for inbound marketing resources that will help keep me informed on what's new in the world of inbound and digital marketing, SEO, and content marketing. When I was at my last agency, I never missed an episode of the Inbound Success podcast. I would listen and take notes and then think about how I could use these proven strategies to improve my client's marketing efforts.

Obviously, if you're here, you're using some of the free or paid courses on IMPACT + and finding those valuable. But what other resources, whether they be podcasts, youtube channels, virtual events, social media channels, or newsletters are you finding to be worth your time?
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