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I've got a question for the IMPACT+ team please! At the end of each of your blog posts, there's a "Related Articles" section. Is there a special tool or plug-in you're using, or is that a custom code for your website? 
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Connor DeLaney
Christine Austin  you'd probably know best! How do we do our magic??
Christine Austin
Hey   Sally Habashy  !

I'm Christine, the developer on IMPACT's website. The related articled articles feed is generated by code called HUBL, a templating language HubSpot has, which pulls in articles with the same topic tag as the article they are embedded on. Then, there's some additional code that creates the 'infinite scroll' effect where posts will continue to load as you scroll.

I've added some resources on what we use, but they are from the developer documentation, so theirs a lot of code!

This is what loads in the related tags:

This is the plugin that allows us to create the scrolling effect:

If you're looking to implement something like this that doesn't require the use of code, there is a RSS Feed module that you can use on templates built using HubSpots Visual Builder. But it's more limited if you try using it on a blog. This is because if you try to select a tag, that tag would display on all blog articles, but you could use it just to display a list of most recent posts for all topics. The scrolling functionality would also not be included in using this:

Hopefully this helps! 
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Sally Habashy
Thank you for the thorough response! This was really helpful.
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Adam Stahl
Late to the party on this one but we use two different "related articles" modules in HubSpot:

  • One is a generic module I think provided for free by HubSpot. It only lists hyperlinked titles and we use either tags (for example, if you were reading something about cybersecurity we would show additional cybersecurity content) or just the most recent content to populate it (screen capture snippet below).
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  • The other one is more robust and I believe involved some customization from IMPACT. This version is more visually appealing with thumbnails, preview text, and a more call-to-action style link. Again, this one is also populated either via tags or by most recent (screen capture snippet below).
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