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Posted December 24, 2022 in
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I am really quite excited to be starting my journey here after finishing the book this week.
Have a good Christmas everyone.
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Connor DeLaney
So excited to have you on board Tony Gresty

What was your biggest takeaway or action item after reading the book? 

Happy holidays and can’t wait help you get started!
Tony Gresty
Connor DeLaney several takeaways. 
As a supplier of niche products all into industry the value of honest education now seems so obvious. 
Understanding that 70% of the buying descision is made before first contact is made is enlightening.
Ironically I have been making educational videos about solar power and how the contracting element works without realising how in-line with this theory it is. 

Some of them are on our you tube page under ‘ASG energy services’ 

Looking forward to delivering some more videos in the new year.

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Connor DeLaney
Tony Gresty  Seems like you're going to double down in 2023 with that video content and continue educating customers, love it! 

What's your backlog of content topics look like for this year?

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