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Right now our pages are not getting indexed, or are getting indexed very slowly. What can we do to expedite this process? 

The Guardian is a well-known news publisher that gets indexed on Google the same or next day for every new page they make. We need help with a process to get indexed in a similar manner for our content marketing campaign.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for all your help. 
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Tom DiScipio
Man... What a great discussion topic Kyle Aken !

My personal knowledge on this is somewhat limited when it comes to understanding the "when" behind Google will do that, so I'm gonna pull in some experts here to see if they've got any thoughts for ya.

Kevin Church   Franco Valentino   PAUL Lovell  - Any feedback for Kyle on this one?
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Jake Jordan
This is a frustrating one Kyle!

Like many things Google, they say 'it can take some time'. Here is an article though that can help you check all the proper places to make sure you are in tip-top shape!

-Robots.txt file updated
-Check for 'noindex' tags
-Add internal links (for faster internal discovery)
-Check console after the work

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Keven Ellison
This seems very odd. I don’t know of any other keywords or pages that are not getting indexed on Google. Have you submitted each of them through Google’s search console? We submit them daily for multiple sites and they work flawlessly. 
PAUL Lovell
Hi Kyle Aken sorry for the delay on getting back to you, the guardian is a very large news publisher in the UK that is right, first you need to understand that google looks at news publishers very differently than standard websites, this is from knowledge of working with some large news publishers in the US, so if you are a news publisher then yes there is things that can be done.
if you are just a standard business site then you need to set up your content distribution workflow, this is looking at what you do to share your content with your audience once your new piece of content is live .

Yes internal linking will help, not from headers/footers or sidebars google will understand these as templated items and pretty much ignores them, look at internally linking to new pages from within the content your most powerful and most crawled pages , you can find this data in search console. 

Also ensure new pages are in your sitemap and that is this updated automatically most system do this, you will also need to check search console to see if google if fetching you sitemap daily and crawling the new pages 
if you want to share your websites URL I am happy to take a top level look to see if there is anything obvious that would hinder and indexing  

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