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Jimmy Beasley

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Dear iMPACT Community,

Can anyone tell me the job responsibilities or position responsibilities of  a Community Manager.  I would appreciate it. 
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Connor DeLaney
Jimmy Beasley This can really depend on the structure of the community. I have seen community managers who are focused strictly on social media management and posting regularly to their different accounts. 

I've also seen community managers who focus on more of what myself and Stephanie Baiocchi do where they are engaging with members of their community and putting together events regularly. 

Overall, the key to success as a community manager is regularly engaging with your audience on a regular basis, providing helpful content when applicable, and pulling in the right voices in a conversation so it provides value!
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Stephanie Baiocchi
Hey  Jimmy Beasley ! In addition to what Connor said, I wrote this article about how to hire a great community manager and in the article I describe a bit about the role and responsibilities: 
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