Promoting B2B Brand through Social Media

I have recently started working for a business that is not necessarily naturally "engaging", but the company- which belongs to the freight-hauling industry- actually produces some awesome sustainability initiatives and has a very strong internal brand. As I am putting together a social strategy for them, are there any businesses that you could share as inspiration for examples of solid brand promo through digital channels? 
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Himanil Gole
Hey  Caitlin Creel , I just signed up on Impactplus and was just going through some posts. The first post was this and even I am looking for such inspiration. I've seen a few examples of strong B2B brands, like Zendesk, Intercom, Buffer etc
Caitlin Creel
fantastic, I really appreciate your examples!
Connor DeLaney
Caitlin Creel great question! This article by Ramona Sukhraj does a pretty solid job of highlighting B2B companies crushing it with content marketing, including social! 

9 B2B companies absolutely crushing it with content marketing

Also, perhaps as a general starting point, with those sustainability initiatives you mentioned, have you explored the use of video? Being able to craft a story around those initiatives could be a really powerful piece of content. That plus statistics could be extremely valuable! 
Caitlin Creel
awesome, thank you so much!!
Connor DeLaney
You bet! I'll try and think of some others as well.  Stephanie Baiocchi or Nicole Cimo-Holmon any others come to mind for you?
Stephanie Baiocchi
Caitlin Creel here are some of my go-to examples:

Novartis (Swedish pharma company):

FBi Buildings:  (and customer service through comments)

Hiscox Insurance: 
Stephanie Baiocchi
Caitlin Creel I also just saw this article from  John Becker come up with "green" content marketing. Sounds like it'd align well with sustainability initiatives!
Connor DeLaney
Caitlin Creel our friend Nathan Dube shared this article with us today as well that could be a fun read and starting point! As Nate put it, an oldie but a goodie:

Taking a crack at social media

Some additional context: 
"When I took the job as the social media manager for this company back in 2009, they gave me a budget of $0 and 12 months to prove social media could be valuable to the brand. In addition to international brand awareness, as I was also a member of the sales team, I was able to leverage the attention garnered by the contest to close a couple new contract customers and retail accounts as well."

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