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I've been using Outgrow to build a pricing calculator and would love your feedback. You can go through the calculator without submitting any information (just stop at the last step before submitting for a quote.) Choose "Concrete Leveling" as the option. Most of the others say "We don't provide that service." This would eventually be embedded within our website.

It's really been a balancing act between making it as simple as possible while having some kind of meaningful result. I still haven't been able to fully sell the sales team on this idea. But we are making progress. Any feedback at all is appreciated.
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Connor DeLaney
Chris Marr   Chris Duprey take a look! 

Also,  Mary Brown or  Dennis Lomonaco  would love to hear what you think! 
Chris Marr
In what specific ways is the sales team pushing back?
Dale Pease
The old-school salesman is saying you never want to give anyone a price before you've had a chance to look at it. That you are setting yourself up for issues if they get a price on the website that is less than what you end up quoting it at. I've used all the arguments that Marcus has in his books, etc... and I think it is getting through, we just need to prove it. We have the ability to test stuff like this at one of our locations first, which is where we'll roll this calculator out first. If we can show it generates more sales, than any issues or losses due to prospects being disappointed, then I think we'll win him over.
Chris Marr
OK, good work. Keep chipping away! 

What specifically would you like feedback on?
Dale Pease
I guess an outside perspective on how easy, and understandable it is (or not.) And just overall, does it accomplish what you'd expect for the TAYA method?
Chris Marr
Here's my take, Dale: 

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