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Chris Duprey

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Just posted this on LinkedIn...

"We're talking about practice. Not a game, not the game. We're talking about practice with your team, with your teammates. The only place that we get to play together, we got control over." Ted Lasso (my fictional character mentor)

The funny thing is, I have this conversation with sales teams all the time...

Practice is role-playing for sales (and coaches).

Yet folks don't want to do it...

My dear friend (and real-life mentor), Marcus Sheridan, said it this way:

"I know role-plays get a bad rap. I know people roll their eyes when they think they have to pretend their colleague is their client, but they shouldn’t. 

Think of your sales calls like a vocal or instrumental performance. The more you practice before the big show, the more natural it will feel. That’s where role-plays come in."

The best musicians practice a ton...

The best athletes - same thing...

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