Permanent Remote Work?

Posted April 30, 2021 in
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I've been hearing about a lot of businesses that once things start to open up post-pandemic, are transitioning their business to fully-remote permanently or a hybrid working model.

What are you doing?

Right now our plan is to bring everyone back over the summer and re-evaluate a hybrid model for the fall. Would love to hear what you all are doing!
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Ruben Aguirre
We were already remote based pre-COVID, with coming into the office as optional for those that live within an hour. I normally ask new peeps to come in at least 3 days during their first month (if they live in town) so they can get acclimated more quickly, but I think that giving people the flexibility to choose, especially Millenials, buys a lot of good will with your team, and most of the time they end up wanting to come in for the community aspect. It's like when you were young and you missed your grandparents and wanted to see them but as soon as your parents imposed it on you, it robbed the joy of going to see Abue (short for abuelita, spanish for grandma). 

In working with clients who were in-office pre-COVID, it is a big mental shift to get used to because it feels like you're giving up some sort of control and that your staff won't be as efficient, but I believe the opposite happens. So for those team members who's homelife includes 7 kids under the age of 14, I HAVE TO leave, I mean, they have to leave their house to be effective and get anything done. They will be the first to take action before you even realize the storm at home didn't let them get any work done. 

If you treat them like adults, they will act like adults, and the ones who don't won't stick around for long, that's been my experience. 
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Jennifer Goode
We have been remote since 2014 and now operate a contact center with contact center agents that are fully-remote, and about 25 employees. We haven't really had any bad experiences with WFH, not with employees that were the right fit for the role, etc. As far as background noise, about once a year we have a barking dog go crazy in the background while an agent is on the phone that we have to address with our client. Usually it's a delivery person that stirs the pet up at the wrong time! Anyways, I agree! Giving flexibility, gets flexibility - within reason. Also, I have a rock solid nanny now who is in control of this house while I work. But back in the day, I was not above locking myself behind a series of 3 doors sitting on the floor in my walk in closet when I absolutely knew silence was required on a sales call. Now with Zoom calls, I would imagine that be a lot more difficult to pull off! haha lol. 
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