Peak Performance: Stress + Rest = Growth

Posted November 9, 2022 in
Brad Stulberg, the author of Peak Performance, recently spoke at an all-day event at IMPACT to discuss the formula for high-performing individuals and how stress and rest together are the ultimate combination for growth while avoiding burnout. 


Stress is important for growth. You simply cannot expect to grow your muscles or your mind by staying in your comfort zone. You have to push the limits of what you're comfortable with by finding your individual sweet spots for "Just-Manageable Challenges". 

Just-Manageable Challenges are tasks that are difficult but doable, you don't want to completely overwhelm yourself with an impossible task, similar to lifting way too much weight at the gym; you will most likely get injured or burn out. The goal is to find that zone of effort and stress that is difficult but manageable. Once you find this zone, you are on a growth path... but there is another very important piece of this to keep in mind: REST!


Just like any athlete, high-performing individuals have to prioritize rest just as much, if not more, than stress. Without rest, you put yourself on track to burn out and actually lose progress towards your goal from where you started. 

There are many ways that you can rest and everyone rests differently. Some people like to go for walks, meditate, or even take a shower in the middle of a stressful day. The idea is to compeltely remove yourself from your Just-Manageable Challenge so that you can reset and come back to it stronger and more focused. 

How do you identify your Just-Manageable Challenges? What kind of rest seems to work the best for you?  
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Marcella Jalbert
I can really struggle with getting my mind to change gears when I need a break, so things that will actively pull my focus work best. This can be cooking a meal, doing some chores, or reading a few pages of a book over coffee.

Interested to hear other suggestions too!
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Becca Manganello
How I identify my just-manageable challenges is I ask myself do I feel challenged at all. Am I feeling slightly fatigued mentally or physically from this task?  I want to find things that allow me to feel like that task is slightly out of my control or slightly above my skill level so that I CAN grow. 

I have a list of go-to things that I do to rest and help me refuel: 
- Rock Climbing
- Reading
- Walking
- Coloring
- Hiking, especially new beautiful places 🎉
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