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Dear iMPACT Team, the seller was nice enough to provide a discount in the sense, I became his first customer working with him, and instead 5 FAQs he gave me 10 instead. I would appreciate it from everyone if I could get some feedback. 

What Is Cyber Security?

In this cyber age where everything is online, it is important to keep all the data secure. Through cybersecurity, we can protect our IDs software and hardware from digital threats. These attacks aim to destroy the systems, get access to important information and misuse it.


Why Cybersecurity is important?

Cybersecurity is vital to stop the offensive approach of attackers to keep your personal and professional data safe. It should be practiced religiously. It will help you to keep your computers and networks safe from malicious attacks.


What does JCS (Jimmy’s computer Service) offer in the name of cybersecurity Services?

We help individuals and small organizations tackle their technical issues like a pro.

·         We diagnose simple to advance issues like what is stopping the window from booting

·         Help to install the stubborn software that just won’t load at any cost

·         Eradicate the reason that is causing the slow speed of a computer

·         Detect the spyware and build a strong firewall to keep your data safe and let you work fearlessly

What are the common hardware problems?

There can be numerous problems related to software and hardware. Some are overheating of a system, missing internet connection, frozen screen, the window is not booting etc. 


How can JCS repair your computer?

There is already so much hassle when you are running a business or leading a team. Amidst the work and deadlines, computer malfunction just increases the stress. JCS has a solution to your every problem related to computer. Some part of a computer is damaged, it’s running hot, speed is too slow we will fix all these issues in minutes. 

How can we secure your systems from hackers?

Hackers are all around our systems and networks keeping an eye to get an opportunity to hack your information and use it illegally. We will find all the spyware and install a strong security system to avoid any kind of cyber-attack.

Could JCS help in installing and maintaining the Networks?

Yes, we will provide you with a whole plan. We will set up the whole network for a small business. We will connect all your devices with a network. Set up all user accounts their sharing and control everything.

Why computer viruses are threatening?

They are dangerous in many ways they can theft your ID, personal data and your confidential business data to provide you harm. JCS will scan and take off all the spyware, malware and Trojan threats to give your system a safe space.

How does JCS (Jimmy’s Computer Services) serve?

We serve both remotely and on the site. There is a time when you need an urgent service and could not drive to a related company. We have such kind of setup to assist you online just give us access to your device and we will fix it. Some repairs need a hand so we have to pick your hardware and get it fixed.

General Tips To Protect Your Systems and Networks?

·         Use strong passwords and keep changing them off and on

·         Update your software regularly

·         Install the firewalls 

·         A virtual private network (VPN)is best they will hide your IP address and keep your system safe from attack

·         Shut down your systems when not in use

·         Avoid downloading unknown files




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Jimmy Beasley
Liz Murphy  , if it is not too much trouble can you please scan my FAQs info to see if there need to be edited, improvements. I really want this to stand out and be compelling.
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Liz Murphy
Will do,  Jimmy Beasley ! I was out of pocket all weekend, so I'm just seeing this. Will follow up by tomorrow morning :) 
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Jimmy Beasley
Liz Murphy , I completely understand, it is all good. I am a  very patient man. :)
Jimmy Beasley
Liz Murphy , forgot to mention, take care of yourself first that is more important. My stuff can wait. 

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