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Posted October 19, 2021 in
I've been working on a lot of different pieces of content  lately. I have to give a presentation next week to a bunch of insurance agents on a new flood insurance program.

This new program is basically the first update in 60 years and it's very complex.

So I've been trying to find a way to simplify it and help people understand it.

Then it hit me you can't just go from the Nintendo to Nintendo Switch over night.

You have to learn and apply to change.

So I'll be discussing some of the dangers of trying to go from the 1950's to 2021
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Connor DeLaney
Chris Greene  would love to hear how you feel this example or metaphor will apply or relate to the agents you'll be speaking to! Think it's a really interesting approach :) 

Also, I saw the pics you posted haha
Chris Greene
Imagine going from nintendo to nintendo switch with nothing in between, Nothing to learn and improve on, well thats basically what the new federal flood program is doing. So this is how i break down the update
Kaitlyn Pintarich
Might not work for the old folks in insurance, but I love the concept! Best of luck  Chris Greene  !!!

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