Organising Roles & Responsibilities in an Agency . . . and what will be my role as an Agency Owner

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Clodagh Higgins

I show people how to fix, scale or reinvent their companies so they can have businesses they love working in that works for them.

This topic came up on our last agency peer group call about how to make sure each person in the company is has clear roles and responsibilities - including the Agency Owner - I highly recommend getting the book Traction by Gino Wickman and using the EOS methodology to help achieve your personal and professional goals.

Here is a video about how to create an accountability chart -
The goal is to make sure as the Agency Owner you are in the Visionary seat and you have a people manager/integrator/services manager to run the business and execute on your ideas. 

A question I get asked by agency owners a lot is "what will I do" when we are discussing moving their tactical roles into the time, like sales, marketing, services. 
Here is a list - each of which can be quantified and popped into the weekly scorecard. 

Coaching & On-boarding of the team (all staff depending on size or team leaders if larger)
Marketing Manager
Sales Manager
Services Manager

Network with other business owners in your city so you can hear about business opportunities, find good candidates, hear about new premises coming up, share your agencies culture to find good fit clients and employees.

Thought Leadership - how you run your business, why you are running an agency, what are your values and what is your story, what do you believe in today and what are your predictions for the future.

Content - ideas and speaking topics for you and the agency.
Speaking at events to attract new clients/employees.
Doing interviews - press & podcasts.

Meeting with the Accountant - monthly / quarterly.
Board work - preparation and meetings.
Reading and learning business and relationship topics.

Focus on future trends that you will need for your business - video, chat bots, 

Follow popular vloggers - fitness/makeup/marketing - they could potentially be good employees in the future.

Building your bench of future employees- I have a 12 step recruitment process you can follow here.

Ruben Aguirre Ruben Aguirre  

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Thank you 

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Jennifer Goode
We started as an EOS org, love it! We have moved to "Scaling Up" with Verne Harnish and his book "Scaling Up" has a good chapter /process to follow to effectively allow leaders to peel of parts of their roles and distribute it to others. I loved this part! It compliments our accountability chart. The templates are called, "FaCE and PaCE" at this link. Check it out!  You can download the templates and learn more about the process here: 
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Beanca van Niekerk
We have used this meeting methodology not only for our management team - but how we run all our internal meetings. Game changer - creates accountability and ensures that you are always keeping your finger on the pulse to achieve your business goals. 
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Connor DeLaney
That's awesome  Beanca van Niekerk ! How big are the typical meetings you are running? I'm curious how they do with scale.

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