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We are “America’s Largest” concrete leveler, with locations in fifty metropolitan areas across the country. We offer a unique solution to a problem that nearly every business or homeowner will have at one time or another: sunken concrete. Daily, we have customers use the word “wow” when they see their concrete lifted back in place.

We are uniquely positioned to grow and prosper in a space that a great number of people don’t even know exists.

A-1 has been in business for almost thirty years, but we are in the midst of a transformation. We want to become the best educators in our space–the most trusted voice. We want to be the “Kleenex” of Concrete Leveling and believe we are perfectly positioned to do so.

Your role at A-1 will be nothing less than the key to achieving our success. We hope this idea excites you as much as it does us.

If so, please click here to read the full job description and apply.
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