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I feel like I'm in somewhat of a niche market as the marketing director for an air medical company.  We provide pilots/mechanics for air medical aircraft (mostly helicopters). 

I downloaded the "how to do keyword research" playbook and I can't seem to hone in on keywords that have really high search volume besides:
  • how much is a helicopter
  • helicopter parts
  • and a few airframe specific searches

And those are in relation to completions, which we also do. 

How do you go about finding your keywords when it seems no one is doing much searching?  I am hoping to use data like this to get my team on board with more content, but I'm a little disheartened.  Most of the search volume for phrases like "aircraft operations," "children's hospital helicopter," or "helicopter maintenance" are around 140 - 210 volume.
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Kevin Church
This is a very tricky market!  With such low volume around specifics related to this topic (I suspect many of them follow in that 0-10 searches a month zone that tools like SEMRush fail at,) I think the best approach is what Connor suggests: actually ask your customers an optional question when getting their information or following up with them: "We're always looking to make our experience better. Is there anything you didn't find while searching on our site?"

I'm also very fond of asking questions in Google and seeing what else it serves up in the "People Also Ask" section.

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Thank yoU!
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