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Hey All!!

I am new to Impact, I literally found it just doing some research online and it seems pretty interesting. I currently am in school and studying digital marketing so I figured this could be a great tool for me! I am super stoked to be able to find out what I can learn with this amazing tool and what I can learn from all of you! 

Thank you!
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Connor DeLaney
We are so excited to have you here  Christine Powers ! I'd love to know what you went about searching for when you found us :) Hearing the journey to members discovering IMPACT+ is always a great conversation starter if you ask me. 

As you get started, be sure to check out some of our course content, I know this course has been particularly popular for those in a similar spot as you >> Inbounder's Guide to Email Marketing
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John Becker
Welcome  Christine Powers ! Keep checking back — we're almost ready to launch our apprenticeship program that will be well-suited to soon-to-graduate students looking to become content marketers.
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