New Videographer at an Agency - Questions about aligning myself with the organization, and They Ask You Answer

Posted February 1, 2021 in
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Hi all,

Excited to be a part of this community. 

Today was my first day at Berry Insurance as their Videographer(and my first day as part of this community!). Currently I am just learning more about the company's philosophy and how to best tailor video content to our overarching goals. They practice They Ask You Answer as their guiding principle. I am currently reading They Ask You Answer and will soon start The Visual Sale.

My question for you video production folks is how did you best align yourself with their overall goal? What were questions you asked subject matter experts to develop a relationship with them? What are some ways you simplified the complex world of production into actionable, practical steps?

I have some one-on-one's set up with everybody and look forward to get to know them and see how they align with the company's overall philosophy.

I welcome any insight and input, hope you're all staying safe and healthy!
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Chris Wager
Great content. I too, and just getting started and love to hear all the positive support.
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Connor DeLaney
Absolutely  Chris Wager ! Happy to have you here and as you get started definitely feel free to leave thoughts and questions! 
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Chris Wager
Will do

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