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Jimmy Beasley

Adversity cause some men to break, others to break records

Should I spend more money to have someone come up with frequently asked questions for my business website or not?
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Connor DeLaney
Hey  Jimmy Beasley I don't think it's worth investing money into coming up with FAQs. Instead, I would research competitors or commonly asked questions in your space of cybersecurity services for small-medium size businesses and non-profits. That should give you enough to get started then as you speak with more prospects they'll be able to help you learn more questions to ask!

Brian Lambert   Betsy Francoeur   Ronnie Brown  agreed?
Jimmy Beasley
Connor DeLaney   Stephanie Baiocchi   Liz Moorehead  , I forgot to add , does anyone know how to edit a pdf file, or is it possible. 
Jimmy Beasley
Connor DeLaney  but doing this alone without going through the proper channels of a survey of being inside the customer's mind of what they would ask is going to be really challenging for me. Because I wouldn't have any assistance on this I would have to use the internet and I certainly don't want to copy other businesses work.
Betsy Francoeur
I can appreciate your concern about not wanting to plagiarize what another company is doing. But researching what other businesses in your niche are answering is a good way to learn what questions are floating around out there. Then you focus on answering the questions with your own unique voice and perspective.  
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Jimmy Beasley
Connor DeLaney , interesting response because this was my business coach response Looks like the fiverr folks have done good work for you so far. No harm in that as long as it’s not costing TOO much. How about something like, “Top 10 Questions About Computer Repair”?
You could do a couple “Top 10” pages – again, if not cost restrictive. “Top 10 Dangers of Computer Viruses and ID Theft”…that kinda stuff. So basically your saying research and do it myself using one of those titles that my business coach provided 

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