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Posted October 28, 2021 in
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Nadeem Ansari

Founder & CEO - Asana Digital | Mindset & Skills Coach

Hope you all doing Stupendo Fantabulosly Fantastical! :D

I just joined this community and found it highly valuable.

Thanks IMPACT for building such a beautiful platform.

I've recently started my Marketing Agency here in India and would love to get your valuable feedback, guidance & suggestions that how can I deliver better results & scale further and what are the important points I should take care of?

Would love to hear from all of you and it would be highly appreciable.

Nadeem Ansari
Founder & CEO - Asana Digital
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Connor DeLaney
Welcome to IMPACT+  Nadeem Ansari Clodagh Higgins   Ranya Barakat  would love to hear from you two as Nadeem gets started with his agency and looks to grow it in IMPACT+ :) 
Ranya Barakat
Hi Nadeem, welcome to the agency world! My first piece of advice is to document every tiny little detail you do when it comes to processes, ready the book They Ask You Answer, and publish big 5 content. That will start your organic growth and assignment selling, and build your services playbook so that as you grow and hire, your team learns how to do the work how you do it, and then improve on it. I hope that helps!
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