Never set it and forget it

Posted September 30, 2022 in
I was recently working with a client to set up HubSpot lead scoring. 

In HubSpot, there are plenty of properties for both contacts and companies that we can add to a HubSpot score. The goal of our meeting was to identify which specific engagements and/or actions would be most valuable to score and qualify leads for. At times this can be a tough task, as there are many things to consider. 

She stated that she couldn't wait for this to be completed, and she would never need to worry about it again. 

Sensing her frustration, I asked: "it sounds like you want to set it and forget it". 

Her response: "yes. Let's get this done. I never want to worry about it again". 

There is a danger to setting and forgetting. Even with the wonders and magic of marketing automation, "set it and forget it" can be a slippery slope. 

What if your high scoring leads are not qualified?
What if the market changes?
What if new opportunities/segments or personas are revealed? 
What if your offer doesn't convert?

If you are using HubSpot lead scoring, never set it and forget it.
In fact, if you are using any kind of HubSpot automation, never set it and forget it, rather, build into your calendar a regular cadence of checking-in and brushing up.

Make this a regular part of your end-of-the month or quarterly HubSpot portal clean up. This way, your HubSpot data remains clean, and you will never forget. 

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Jake Jordan
Yess! That's the thing about a good system. It needs to be checked regularly. Just like your car. Good stuff @will smith !

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