Never Quit...You Have Been Through Worse

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In his book, No Excuse Leadership, Brace Barber stated: 

You are capable of so much more. It is imperative that each of us discovers that we are capable of achieving more. Our perception of difficult comes as a result of our frame of reference. The current struggle is put into perspective compared to all the other struggles of our lives.

What does that mean?

Each of us has been thru “something.” Sports, war, work projects, parenting, childbirth, life…just to name a few. 

Good. That is your frame of reference. That is your “measuring stick.” Reflect on those moments for a minute. Better yet, reflect on them often.  Remember how difficult the situation was, how you navigated it, how you survived, how you came out of it. At the time you thought, "I'm never going to survive this/get this done/achieve that goal"...BUT YOU DID. 

With that adversity in mind, compare that to all your present (and future) “life challenges.” 

Now, let out a big laugh. Nothing compares. 

Without a doubt, when you compare 99% of your current challenges in life, you will find that each of those challenges sits far below your threshold of "difficult."

Literally, your own personal definition of what difficult is.  That is such a powerful tool!

Now, you want the good news? YOU CAN DO IT. Whatever IT is, you can do it. You have been thru worse, more difficult, harder, infinitely more challenging situations.

The bar has been set, and you set it!

If your current struggle sits below your threshold for what is “difficult,” to you..."below the bar." Get it done.

If your current struggle sits ABOVE your threshold for what is “difficult”…also…get it done. That’s called growth (and a conversation for another day).

But...Both struggles result in a positive outcome. 


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Becca Manganello
There were a couple of other great quotes from this book - 
“Grasp the simplicity and power of no excuses and you have guaranteed success.”
**It is so simple and powerful to just give yourself ZERO option because when you do that, you'll get out of your own head/your own way and have that guaranteed success 🎉🎉🎉

“To win you must change the way you approach day-to-day situations. You must have the courage to choose the harder right over the easier wrong 
**Everything in life is perspective, right? This quote from this book was a great reminder of that! 

Nice share  John Phelan  🙌🏻
John Phelan
Great quotes! Yes!
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Chris Rivers
John...absolutely love this! It's so easy to look at the countless reasons why a new marketing initiative/partnership/strategy/opportunity won't work, but embracing a "can-do" mindset from the outset has preceded every personal success I've had the opportunity to see or experience in real time.

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